Animalia #3

Spotted Black Flatworm 

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Platyhelminthes

Class: Turbellaria

Order: Polycladida

Picture of a Spotted Black Flatworm (Acanthozoon) that we saw! 

Polycladida are very thin and flat, allowing them to hide, get food, and oxygen and nutrients to diffuse across the skin quickly. Although it is unable to swallow its prey, its pharynx can be pushed out through the mouth, engulfing the prey outside the worm’s body. Also, digestive juices can be injected into the prey, resulting in a liquified meal that is sucked up. The outer surface of the flatworm is covered with cilia, which produce mucus that protects them from drying out and also as a protection from predators. Their bright colours warns its predators of its poison and distastefulness.


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