Animalia #1

Knobbly Sea Star (Protoreaster Nodosus)

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Echinodermata

Class: Asteroidea

Order: Valvatida

Family: Oreasteridae

Genus: Protoreaster

Knobbly Sea Star

With a calcified hard body, the Knobbly Sea Star can actually bend quite extensively, to flip itself to the right side. Brightly coloured, covered with spines, nodules and knobs, it appears deadly to its predators but is on the contrary, not as dangerous as it looks. These structures gives itself more thickness, minimizing the possibility of attacks by predators. There are tiny, transparent finger-like structures that increases surface area to enhance nutrient absorption. To eat, the Sea Star extends its stomach out of its mouth over its food, secreting a digestive fluid to break down the food, absorb nutrients.


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